The Chairman of the Cotswolds Conservation Board Liz Eyre has begun a 102 mile walk along the Cotswold Way National Trail to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Cotswolds AONB.

Liz started the first stage of her walk from Bath to Dyrham in March and will break the trail down into 10 stages, finishing in Chipping Camden in October. Along the way she will be joined by local authority leaders, MPs, walkers and community groups.

If you fancy joining Liz please see dates below for each stage. Please email for more information.

Saturday 19 March,10am
Bath to Dyrham (13 miles)

Friday 8 April, 10am
Dyrham to Hawkesbury Upton (Somerset Monument) (12 miles)

Friday 6 May, 10am
Hawkesbury Upton to Stinchcombe Hill (12 miles)

Friday 3 June, 10am
Stinchcombe Hill to Ryeford Bridge (Stroud) (13 miles)

Friday 1 July, 10am
Ryeford Bridge to Painswick Beacon (11 miles)

Friday 15 July, 10am
Painswick Beacon to Leckhampton Hill (Salterley Quarry) (10 miles)

Friday 5 August, 10am
Leckhampton Hill to Cleeve Hill (Golf Club) (11 miles)

Friday 26 August, 10am
Cleeve Hill to Stumps Cross (10 miles)

Friday 2 September, 10am
Stumps Cross to Broadway (7 miles)

Friday 7 October
Broadway to Chipping Campden (6 miles)