Hedgelayers are taking part in the North Cotswolds Hedgelaying Competition on Saturday 19 November at Beckford.

This annual competition is organised by the Cotswolds Conservation Board and is open to all hedgelayers, from veterans to beginners.

Competitors from throughout the Cotswolds and beyond stand to win prize money and a trophy.

The event will promote the ancient skill of hedgelaying and generate interest in this important Cotswold craft.

Members of the public are welcome to come and see the competitors at work - there will be refreshments and information stands at the event.

The competition is run in partnership with the National Hedgelaying Society and the judging will be carried out by experienced hedgelayers.

Mark Connelly, Land Management Officer for the Cotswolds AONB Partnership says, "Many people associate the Cotswolds with dry stone walls, but hedges are also important field boundaries in the area.

"Today most hedgerows are managed by machinery, but Midland-style hedgelaying is the traditional form of management in the north Cotswolds and it helps to keep the hedges vigorous and healthy.

"As well as marking field boundaries, hedgerows are very important wildlife habitats which we need to maintain and help people understand their importance in the Cotswold countryside."

For more details contact Mark Connelly at the Cotswolds Conservation Board on 01451 862006.