2011 Dry Stone Walling Competition Winners

This year competition took place on Sunday 2nd October 2011 at Adam Henson's Cotswolds Farm Park, Guiting Power, Cheltenham. The event attracted 20 competitors and more than 200 observers throughout the day! It was organised by the Cotswolds Conservation Board along with the Cotswold branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association.

Four classes of competitors - beginner pairs, novice, amateur/part-time professional and professional – battled it out for the prestigious walling trophy and up to £120 cash prize.

The winners were announced as follows:

Professional: 1st - Andrew Mason (Lancs); 2nd - Gordon Simpson (Harrogate); 3rd - Alistair Bidmead (Stroud); 4th - Edward Park & Bill Noble (tied score)

Amateur/ Part time Professional: 1st - Graham Mayo (Evesham); 2nd - Andy Deller (Chipping Norton); 3rd - Cuthbert Noble (Huddersfield)

Novice: 1st - David Birley (Wiltshire)

Beginners Pairs: 1st - Robert & Bridget Gibson (Bedfordshire); 2nd - Becky Catling (Tetsworth) & Hedley Alexander