Health and the Natural Environment Workshop

The Cotswolds Conservation Board and Local Government Group (LGG) will be hosting a workshop entitled 'Health and the Natural Environment' on Tuesday 27th September at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.

The Board and LGG recognise that the positive benefits to physical health and mental wellbeing to be gained from access to the natural environment are well documented. See for example Newton, J. (2007) "Wellbeing and the Natural Environment: A brief overview of the evidence."

The NHS and public health white papers set out proposals for far reaching changes to health policy. The transfer of responsibility for public health from the NHS into local government will lead to greater emphasis on the role of local government and its partners in improving the health of the public and tackling health inequalities. With this comes the opportunity to act more broadly on the social and environmental determinants of health and to utilise the health promoting assets within our communities and our natural surroundings.

The Workshop will aim to:

• increase knowledge and understanding of how the natural environment can contribute to improved health and wellbeing of communities and individuals and share this amongst local authorities, commissioning groups, community organisations and other partners;
• map existing assets and interventions that promote the use of the natural environment of the Cotswolds AONB for improving health and wellbeing;
• seek out further opportunities particularly, though not exclusively, through partnership working with local authorities, primary care trusts and the emerging clinical commissioning groups;
• develop pilot schemes with local partners that would be able to demonstrate increased health and wellbeing outcomes at lower cost.
• showcase such interventions and share learning for the benefit of others.

To book your place at the workshop, please contact the Cotswolds Conservation Board on 01451 862000 or email