The Cotswold Way Companion Treasure Trail

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The new Cotswold Way Companion Treasure Trail is the latest edition in the popular Treasure Trails series and currently the longest in the entire national catalogue. At 102 miles in length, the Cotswold Way Companion uncovers some of the hidden gems and secrets along this wonderful stretch of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty landscape.

Rachel, who has written Treasure Hunts, Murder Mystery Hunts and Spy Mission Trails to encourage the exploration of different parts of the Cotswolds, said:

"I had for some time been thinking that I’d like to write a longer Treasure Trail (most of our fun walking Trails are 1.5 – 4 miles long) and so last autumn I seized the opportunity to combine doing so with the personal challenge of walking the 102 mile National Trail. Here in the Cotswolds we are incredibly lucky to have such a glorious landscape on our doorstep and having written many Treasure Trails which touched on the National Trail yet didn’t quite manage to take in the rural magnificence of the Cotswold Way, I had been looking to find a way to include those gems of historical and scenic significance that were slightly further out of the towns and villages than could be accommodated in our standard Treasure Trails. This seemed like the perfect solution".

Treasure Trails are aimed at getting families, couples and groups of friends out and about in the fresh air, exploring, experiencing and learning about their local region in a fun and unique way. There are currently 35 different trails based in towns and villages all over Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, and another 950 in other counties across the UK with more being added all the time.

All trails are based on the same concept, with clues to be solved, the answers to which are located on existing buildings, monuments and structures. Children (and adults!) love the thrill of being the first one to find a clue and solve the mystery as well as spending quality time together as a family away from the TV, on a healthy and fun walk.

In the case of the Cotswold Way Companion Trail instead of a circular walk with step-by-step directions from clue to clue this trail follows the linear route of the Cotswold Way from Chipping Campden in the north to Bath Cathedral in the south. There’s a clue every 5 or 6 miles, based on locations such as Belas Knapp, Nympsfield Long Barrow, the Tyndale Monument, the Battlefields at Lansdown and the many topographs up on the peaks. It’s intended as a fun way of punctuating the way-marked route and throwing in an added dimension (although you are advised still to take a guide book). What’s more, as with all Treasure Trails, customers who submit the correct answer online not only stand a chance of winning £1000 in the annual Treasure Trails prize draw but in this case will also receive their Cotswold Way Completer’s Badge if they send in a photo to the Hall of Fame.

James Blockley, National Trail Officer for the Cotswold Way said: "We think this is a great way of engaging people with their surroundings and hope that by working with Treasure Trails we will encourage more people to grab their boots and explore the Cotswold Way. Furthermore we are delighted that Treasure Trails have agreed to donate part of the proceeds of all sales of the new Trail towards the upkeep of the Cotswold Way"

The trail forms part of the new Cotswold Way Discovery which is an exciting set of fun activities and learning resources for parents, teachers and young people. Click here for more information.

Trails are available for £5.99 from Tourist Information Centres,

selected retail outlets including the Escape to the Cotswolds discovery centre in Northleach or the Treasure Trails website.