8 years in the making - Long Compton Wall completed

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The Cotswolds Conservation Board has been running dry-stone walling courses in the Cotswolds for over 10 years now. In that time we have worked with a wide variety of local landowners, at locations ranging from Bath to Broadway, to select training sites that meet the specific needs for a beginners course in dry-stone walling. Despite there being over 4000 miles of dry-stone walls in the Cotswolds training sites are not that easy to find. Walls must meet a set criteria in terms of height, width and length as well have adequate space for parking and good access to the wall. We always select walls that are need of repair as we believe that learning on exisitng walls in real life situations is the best way to learn this historic craft.

So when the Board was approached by a landowner in Long Compton (Warwickshire) in 2005 about the possibility of running courses on this land, we were intrigued, but not optimistic. After a brief meeting and viewing of the wall, our fear were allayed. This was a perfect site! With over 80m of dry-stone wall requiring repair on the site, we would have enough to keep us going for many years to come. Over the next eight years the Board ran 16 courses at the site, providing training for 128 people. Wind, rain or shine, sometimes all at the same time, the courses carried on.

On Sunday 13th October 2013, the final stone was layed at the site and the wall completed. Eight years in the making. The Board would like to thank all the trainees that have participated in courses at Long Compton over the past 8 years and have helped to achieve the completion of this fantastic project.