Appointment of Replacement Parish Member - Notice of Vacancy

Following the decision of Ken Betteridge not to stand for re-election to Asthal Parish Council in May 2014, the Board will soon lose one of its longest serving Members. Ken is able to remain a Board Member for a further three months to allow for the Election process. The timetable for the Election is:

Stage 1 Notice of Vacancy issued Wednesday 28th May 2014

Stage 2 Nominations to be received by 5pm, Tuesday 8th July 2014

Stage 3 Issue Statement of Persons Wednesday 9th July 2014

(If one candidate is nominated, that person will stand elected from the same date.
If there is more than one candidate, Stages 4 and 5 will apply)

Stage 4 Issue of Ballot Papers Wednesday 16th July 2014

Stage 5 Ballot Papers to be returned by 5pm, Thursday 27th August 2014

Announcement of result Friday 28th August 2014

The Clerks of all parishes in Group 2 have been sent notification of the election with the above information and further details on the Conservation Board, the role and duties of its Members and on the Election process. The Election is being administered for the Board by Cotswold District Council. If your parish is in Group and you have not received notice of the Election, or if you have any questions on the election process, please do not hesitate to contact either of the following Officers:

Nigel Adams: telephone - 01285-623202, or email -

Stephen Holley: telephone - 01285-623201, or email -