Four Pairs of Gloves and a Lot of Perseverance!

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Grizelda Williams, who attended one of our Beginners courses in April, recently finished work on a respectably sized dry stone wall at the bottom of her garden – quite a task for a novice and a great testament of what can be achieved following one of our training courses.

Initially, Grizelda thought that her wall required only minor repairs. However, after further investigation she discovered that there was a lot more to be done…

Grizelda said, “The wall had been destroyed by a huge ivy and creeper and I was hoping to do a small repair, but as I took it down the scale of the destruction dawned on me.’

The footings of the wall reached well beneath an adjacent road and a large telegraph pole also made matters worse by being most inconvenient placed. Undeterred, however, Grizelda persevered by making sure her foundations were stable and by continuing the line of courses from the original wall.


Dry stone walling is a precise craft requiring skill and experience. Ideally, walls within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) should be built to an exacting list of specifications in order to ensure that the character of the landscape is preserved. During one of our courses, students learn how to repair and build an existing traditional Cotswolds Dry Stone Wall, allowing them to use this knowledge to conserve, and thus protect, other walls within the AONB.

Once finished building er wall Grizelda had this to say of her achievement:

“I have had numerous conversations with the neighbours who have watched the wall grow. It has taken me a week to complete, ending with finishing the coping stones as it grew dark. I'm not happy with lots of bits and I should have done more dressing of the stone, but I have a wall and no longer a large hole! The training course I attended was superb and gave me confidence to proceed, but my whole body now aches and I have gone through 4 pairs of gloves!

We think your efforts were well worth it Grizelda! Another fantastic contribution towards the conservation of Cotswolds dry stone walls!