Building a Home Made Blacksmiths Forge

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The Blacksmithing Taster Day is one of Cotswolds Rural Skills most popular courses. Read on below to see how one of our trainees took his enthusiasm for the skill one step further....

Building a Home Made Blacksmiths Forge

I went on the Cotswold Rural skills  Blacksmiths Introductory Course in January as I had been interested in this for some time.  Although my grandfather and Uncles were engineers I never had the chance to learn any techniques at school as they were considered to be ‘non academic’ but at last I had a chance.

The day was fascinating and really enjoyable and I made a nice coat hook after learning the basics.

Back home I thought it is a pity I cannot practice more but then remembered that we were shown a portable Farriers Forge during the training.  Looking on the internet I soon found lots of advice on how to build a small forge.  Most of this came from the US where it seems to be very popular.

Also I had an old kitchen extractor unit so by using this I was able to replace bellows.  Finally I built a small chimney.  After quite a bit of experimentation I had a usable working forge just outside my workshop.  I had bought a small anvil but mounting this was a problem as a brick support was too firm.  Then I found an old tree trunk which I was able to cut to size and mounted the anvil on this.  Now it has just the right amount of give when struck with a hammer.  I would now like to have some more advanced instruction!

Tony Merry, Charlbury