Outstanding week of events in the Cotswolds and beyond

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September has always been an outstanding month in the Cotswolds with harvests being brought safely home, trees and meadows taking on their autumnal colours, skies offering a full palette of hues, musky bonfires lingering in the evening air and a more general welcoming calmness for visitors.

September this year, however, promises to be even more outstanding!

For the first time the UK’s AONB Family has come together to organise a week long programme of events to help people enjoy and be inspired by the Britain’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

Starting on Saturday 19 September and continuing through to Sunday 27 September, the events can be found on www.landscapesforlifeevents.org.uk

In the Cotswolds AONB you can enjoy free guided walks by the Cotswold Wardens, a thatching course in Northleach, Cotswold tile roofing for beginners in Naunton and dry stone walling in Tetbury.

National Association for AONB’s Jill Smith explains: “Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are some of the most beautiful and cherished landscapes in the UK. They are vibrant landscapes which offer a wealth of opportunities for everyone to enjoy them. They are Landscapes for Life in so many different ways.

Outstanding Week is an opportunity for you to get involved and get out into our AONBs’ outstanding landscapes to enjoy country shows, dark sky discovery nights, walking festivals, archaeology walks, wood fairs, foraging and local food festivals, wildlife walks, coastal and marine days, thatching courses, dry stone walling, charcoal making, bioblitz, inspiration through art and music and many, many other activities.

Events are being organised throughout the country so please join us for an Outstanding Week!”

For more information about all the events planned in the Cotswolds and beyond visit www.landscapesforlifeevents.org.uk