FREE Cider Making Day - Friday 13th November

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Have you ever fancied making your own cider or been curious about the process of making it? If so then come on down to the Cotswolds Discovery Centre at the Old Prison, Northleach on Friday 13th November. Thanks to the kindness of the Oxfordshire based charity The Wychwood Project, Cotswolds Rural Skills has managed to borrow an apple press for the day. So from 11am, Tony Merry, Charlbury resident and cider enthusiast will be showing one and all the process of cider making. You can even have a go yourself!

There is no charge for having a go at using the cider press. However, if you would like to take a 5 litre demi-john of the pressed apple juice home with you in order to allow it to ferment then there is a £10 charge per boittle.

Anybody wishing to bring their own apples to use in the machine are welcome to do so. The event will finish at 4pm.