Annabel's Wall

Photo: @ShortTitle@

On the 18th & 19th May 2015 Annabel attended the Cotswolds Conservation Board's dry-stone walling course for beginners taking place at Tetbury. Annabel had her own walling project in mind when booking the course and after a thoroughly enjoyable two days, she went away and built her own section of wall (above). Nice work Annabel!! No running joints there as far I can see!

Here's what Annabel thought of the course and her wall...

'The introductory course on dry stone walking with CCB was outstanding in terms of content and value for money. The trainer explained everything very clearly, and was engaging and encouraging. There was plenty of opportunity to get your hands dirty over the two days and it gave me the confidence to build a small wall of my own at home. I don't think it will win any prizes but I am very proud of it! I look forward to taking the next course.'

Many of the trainees that come on our rural skills courses have a project in mind at home that they'd like to complete. As Annabel shows, many of those project are achievable.