Junior, Beginner & Novice Hedgelayers Wanted!

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Are you a Junior, Beginner or Novice hedgelayer? Would you like the opportunity to practise your skills at this traditional method of hedgerow management and get paid for it? Thanks to the kind support of the Princes Trust, The Cotswolds Conservation Board is offering £25 cutting money to all eligible entrants to the Junior, Beginner and Novice class for this year's North Cotswolds Hegdelaying competition which is due to take place on Saturday 21st November. Entrants into this class are required to cut 8 metres of hegde in midlands style within a 5 hour time period.

To qualify for the Junior, Beginner and Novice class entrants must fit one of the following criteria;

- be 21 years old or under on the day of the competition

- have not entered a hedgelaying competition before

- have NOT won this class twice or been placed in an open or veteran class

The competition is free to enter and as well as the £25 cutting money, competitors have the chance to win cash prizes for finishing in the top 3 of their class. A pub lunch is also provided for all competitors.

2015 North Cotswolds Hedgelaying Competition

This year's competition will be held on Saturday 21st November at Fosse Cross, Fosse Way, nr Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL54 4NN.

The competition will begin at 8.45am and conclude at 3.30pm with the awards ceremony. Prizes are awarded to those finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all classes. To enter the competition simply complete the registration form and send it to david.molloy@cotswoldsaonb.org.uk. Please read the  rules of the competition before registering your entry.


Thanks to the support of the Princes Trust, the cutting money for this year's Junior, Novice and Beginners class has been increased to £25 per competitior. The hope is that this will help attract new hedgelayers to this traditional craft. The competition offers Professional, Intermediate, Junior, Beginners and Novice hedgelayer classes with a chance to win prize money for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. There is also a Veteran class and Beginners pairs for those who wish to compete together.

 Spectators are very welcome at the events, with hot and cold drinks available on the day.