Appointment of Replacement Parish Member - Notice of Vacancy

The Cotswolds Conservation Board has a vacancy for a Parish Council Member.

The Establishment Order for the Board requires that its membership includes eight Parish Members. The Order divides the Cotswolds AONB area into eight groups of Parishes for appointment purposes, with each group appointing one member. There is currently a vacancy on the Board for an appointee from Group 4 (click here for a list of all of the Parishes in Group 4). Parishes in Group 4 are invited to nominate either a Member of their Council or the Chairman of the Parish Meeting to fill this vacancy.

Nominations must be returned by no later than 5pm on Monday 15th August 2016. Nominations should follow a resolution of your Council or Meeting and the Chairman’s signature is to be placed at the bottom of the nomination form. A copy of the nomination form can provided by the contact below.

The Clerks of all parishes in Group 4 have been sent notification of the election with the above information and further details on the Conservation Board, the role and duties of its Members and on the Election process. The Election is being administered for the Board by Cotswold District Council.

If you have any further questions on the election process, please do not hesitate to contact Nigel Adams.

• Telephone - 01285 623202
• Email -