The Cotswolds Conservation Board meets four times a year as a full board to discuss and approve current courses of action.

The Board is made up of 37 Members; 15 local authority nominees, 8 parish council nominees and 15 Secretary of State nominees.

The Board has an Executive Committee made up of 12 members elected by the Board. There is also a Standards Committee and four Sub-Committees with eight members each that meet four times a year.

They are:
The Conserving and Managing Sub-Committee
The Enjoying and Appreciating Sub-Committee
The Living and Working Sub-Committee
The Grants Sub-Committee

The Board also sets up working groups to look in detail at particular issues raised in the AONB Management Plan and to discuss policy development.

The groups consist of Board Members together with experts drawn from a wide range of organisations. Click here to see working group papers.

Click here to see board meeting dates and papers