Grantscape is an environmental grant-making charity whose aim is to improve the life of communities and the environment -

Tree Planting - The Royal Forestry Society has produced a booklet listing possible sources of grants for tree planting -

Pond Conservation - Pond Conservation's aim is to protect and increase the freshwater biodiversity of landscapes, using ponds as a major focus. They have details of funding available for pond creation and management -

Froglife - Great Crested Newt and similar conservation projects

British Ecological Society - Small Ecological Project Grants are available for habitat management, monitoring and survey.  British Ecological Society, 26 Blades Court, Deodar Road, Putney, London  SW15 2NU

WWF - contact to discuss possible funding.  WWF, Panda House, Eeyside Park, Godalming GU7 1XR tel: 01483 426444

DTI Envirowise - Helps businesses 'get wise' to the benefits of good enviornmental practice - through free advice - open to organisations and local authorities. 0800 585 794

South West Market and Coastal Towns Network

A community planning programme which helps local people to design the future of their town and surrounding areas.  For more information call Dan Judpes on 01242 864144.

Landfill Communities Fund

Tax on landfill waste was introduced in 1996 as a means to reduce the amount of landfilled waste and to promote a shift to more environmentally sustainable methods of waste management.

The LCE is an innovative tax scheme enabling operators of landfill sites to contribute money to enrolled Environmental Bodies (EBs) to carry out projects that meet environmental objectives contained in the Landfill Tax Regulations.

The Government saw the LCF as a way for Landfill Operators (LOs) and EBs to work in partnership, to create significant environmental benefits and jobs, and to undertake projects to improve the lives of communities living near landfill sites.

LOs can contribute up to 6.6% of their landfill tax liability to EBs and reclaim 90% of this contribution as a tax credit.  They may bear the remaining 10% themselves, or an independent third party can make up this 10% difference to the LO.  Projects eligible for LCF funding:

  • involve reclaiming land, the use of which has been prevented by some previous activity;
  • reduce or prevent pollution on land;
  • provide or maintain public amenities or parks within 10 miles of a landfill site;
  • restore or repair buildings for religious worship, or of architectural or historical interest within 10 miles of a landfill site;
  • fund the cost of administrative, financial or other similar services, supplied to other enrolled environmental bodies.

For more information on LCF contact:  Entrust, Head Office, 2nd floor Acre House, 2 Town Square, Sale, Cheshire  M33 7WZ.  Tel: 0161 972 0044

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)

There are an enormous number of community grants available nationwide - for a fact sheet and further information, you can become an associate member of BTCV (£25).

BTCV, Sedum House, Mallard Way, Potteric Carr, Doncaster  DN4 8DB.  Tel: 01302 388 883

Promoting Access to the Great Outdoors

The newly established Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment (TOE2) is now open to applications from local organisations and community groups seeking small grants (max £2,000).  Funds are available for projects which improve biodiversity and access to green spaces.  Projects could involve habitat management or creation of new habitats, replacing stiles with pedestrian gates to improve access, new notice boards directing visitors to an area's key attractions and new surfacing to make routes more accessible.  Information and application forms are available from TOE2, telephone: 01865 883488 or email