The Town and Parish Councils and Parish Meetings appoint 8 members to the Conservation Board.

The Councils and Meetings are divided into 8 geographical groups covering the whole AONB. The individual Town and Parish Councils and Parish Meetings within each group are invited to nominate potential Board Members and then elect an appointee to the Board.

As with any Board Member the appointment is an individual appointment to work to pursue the Board’s purposes and the best interests of the AONB, rather than the Members representing a particular interest group, local authority or parish.

Full details can be found in the Conservation Board’s Establishment Order

Parish Groups and Appointees

Parish Group 1: Liz Hodges (Chipping Campden Town Council)

Parish Group 2: Tony Merry (Charlbury Town Council)

Parish Group 3: Harry Acland (Notgrove Parish Council)

Parish Group 4: David Broad (Chedworth Parish Council) 

Parish Group 5: John Matthews (Sherston Parish Council)

Parish Group 6: Vacancy

Parish Group 7: Rebecca Charley (Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council)

Parish Group 8: Matthew Darby (Bredon & Bredon's Norton Parish Council)