Secretary of State appointees

The Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs regularly recruits Secretary of State Appointees to the Conservation Board. This is an annual process where appointments are normally advertised in September/October and successful candidates take up their positions from April.

A Conservation Board is made up of:

  • Local Authority appointees,
  • Parish Council appointees, and
  • Secretary of State (‘national’) appointees.

The Cotswolds Conservation Board has 37 members - 14 appointed by Secretary of State, 15 by local authorities and 8 by parish councils.

Being a member of a Conservation Board

Purpose of the role

The primary purpose of a Secretary of State appointee’s role is to provide strategic input, at a non-executive level, to the management of the Cotswolds Conservation Board so that the Board delivers wider benefits to the nation and local communities. A Secretary of State appointee will serve as one of a number of national representatives of the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) on a Conservation Board. A Conservation Board can only achieve its aims effectively if the decisions it takes reflect national and local needs, take full account of the statutory purposes within which Conservation Boards operate, and lead to realistic actions and outcomes.

The overall purpose of the Members is to ensure that a Conservation Board fulfills its objectives and does so in a way that best suits the special characteristics of the AONB. Members are duty bound to achieve the efficient, effective and accountable governance of the Conservation Board in the best interests of the AONB and to provide leadership, scrutiny and direction for the organisation as a whole in pursuing the aim of sustainable development - balancing and integrating environmental, social and economic considerations.

A Member will work with the Chair and other Members to discharge the functions of the Conservation Board and to steer and champion the management of the Conservation Board so that it delivers benefits to the nation and its local communities in accordance with its purposes and duties.

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If you would like to register your interest in becoming a Secretary of State Appointee to the Cotswolds Conservation Board, please email us at: We will notify you of future vacancies.